Tis the season for holiday cheer but come January all of those liquid calories you consume will probably be found hanging over the sides of your jeans.  I would never say do not drink over the holidays but just be wise on what you choose.  Here are the calorie contents in a few classic holiday cocktails as well as what it will take to burn that drink off.

Rum and Eggnog – This cocktail is probably the worst of them all, but in my opinion it is the best!  How can you beat fresh, homemade eggnog mixed with some spiced rum?  Treat yourself to one this season, but just one because you will be drinking over 450 calories which is over 4 miles on the treadmill the next morning!

Hot Buttered Rum – Another holiday classic and although it is not as bad as the previous drink it comes close to 300 calories per glass.  One of these and you better be partaking in at least 40 minutes of spinning that day so make sure it is worth it.

Bailey’s Irish Cream – Before you think about adding Bailey’s to your coffee on Christmas morning make sure you have already finished your 20 minute workout on the elliptical as you will be adding over 200 calories to your fresh cup of Joe.

Hot Apple Cider – After a day of snow fort making with the kids, a hot apple cider is a great way to warm up.  Make it fresh if you can, or heat up a no sugar added, pure apple juice instead of using an instant package as they tend to be loaded with sugar, some packets containing nearly 200 calories per serving however a 25 minute snow shoe will take care of that.

Hot Toddy – A perfect après ski beverage but unless you have spent 40 minutes on the ski hill (and that does not include the chair lift) you might want to opt for something lower in calories.

The classic beer, red wine and white wine – These cocktails are a better choice but that does not mean you can get away without suffering the consequences of drinking too many calories.  One serving of any of these beverages will take 20 minutes of circuit training to make them a distant memory.  Have three and you are lifting weights and doing step ups for an hour!

Be sure you stay away from the specialty coffees you can get at this time of the year from your local barista as most of these sugar filled coffees in the 16oz serving size can contain nearly 500 calories.  If you are craving your eggnog latte or peppermint mocha opt for the lower fat, smaller option and stay away from the whipped cream; an easy way to save calories.

Happy Holidays!