It is that time of year again, when holiday themed coffees are everywhere. I know I look forward to my local coffee shop becoming decorated for the festive season, but it seems each year this happens earlier and earlier, and with my peppermint latte addiction, I need to be careful.

I am never one to tell you not to have anything or to deprive yourself of your favourites treats, but moderation is key and I preach time and time again that you CAN have it all, just NOT all the time. So how are you going to survive the next weeks of pure coffee bliss?

Try to stay away from high sugar, high fat coffees. If you plan on switching your usual Americano for a latte made with eggnog, or a mocha full of sugared syrup topped with whipped cream and peppermint sprinkles, you will be adding over 450 calories to your day plus 15 grams of fat. Add in a muffin or holiday treat and you are topping 700 calories and reaching close to 35 grams of fat. I am not opposed to treats, but make it worth it! You can enjoy something much more decadent for that many calories.

Stick to your regular brewed coffee, Americanos, or fat free cappuccino 90% of the time. However, when you are out looking at Christmas lights with your family, or doing other festive things over the holidays, then indulge and enjoy. That is the right time to make the wrong choice, not while grabbing a short break from work, or making a quick trip through the drive through on the way to the office.

I have given myself a rule – no speciality holiday coffees until December 15th. If I allow myself to taste them too early, it’s game over.