Hi Hayley,

After a few years as a busy single mom, I have recently started working out again, and noticed how much more I can do in the gym now that I’m a little larger, eat a little better, and have spent the time carrying around my child/their toys/groceries for two/ etc… without help.  Which leads me to wonder how hard celebs REALLY work out. I mean if you are eating around 900-1200 calories a day, which I assume is common range for the super thin celebs we see today, and doing very little at home without an assistant of some sort, you MUST get very tired very easily - either that or they somehow push themselves much harder than I am capable of doing.   Sure they spend hours in the gym with a trainer on a daily basis, but how hard does your average celebrity REALLY work out??
Fit & Fabulous not Willowy & Weak

I am sure you have heard the saying “you only get out what you put in”?  Well that is true when it comes to training and exercising. If you are pushing yourself in the gym or outside in your workouts you need to make sure that you are giving your body enough fuel to not only get through the workout but to be able to recover afterwards. If you take a look at most of the athletes competing in the Summer Games in London, they are all consuming large amounts of calories every day and they are pushing their bodies harder than you or I ever could, and it shows.  Did you watch the women’s heptathlon?  Those were some strong, lean women who would probably look like giants standing next to Renee Zellweger. 

When you are looking at celebrities and talking about their workouts and how much they eat and how hard they workout, it varies.  The celebrities that look fit and strong (Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence to name a few) probably eat very similarly to you and me - very clean - and work out extremely hard. These are the girls sweating it out with their trainers for hours, doing spin classes and lifting weights.  But when you look at someone like Gwyneth Paltrow or Jennifer Aniston it is obvious that being skinny is important so they give their bodies exactly what they need to get through their day and their workouts, which would have to be a lot lower in intensity such as Pilates and power walking. It is not that these women are unhealthy but if we were to challenge them to a 5 mile run they would probably have a hard time keeping up. 

Being strong is very different from being thin and when you are strong you have muscles, you weigh more and you need to eat more.  I like to be strong, I like to be able to run and to ride and to challenge myself every workout; I cannot do that if I do not eat. 

Attached - Jennifer Lawrence leaving the gym.