Here is a quick super set that you can add to your workouts, whether you are at the gym or at home.  All you need is a medicine ball and some space.  This routine will challenge your triceps, shoulders, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and your abdominals.

1 – Lunge with an overhead tricep extension
In this exercise you want to start in a lunge position with your arms extended up over your head.  As you lower yourself down into the lunge bend your arms at your elbows and lower the medicine ball behind your head, making sure that your elbows remain directly over your shoulders and pointed forward.  As you stand back up out of the lunge straighten your arms. Do 20 with your right leg forward (you will do your left leg the second time through)

2 – Medicine Ball Push ups
Place a medicine ball underneath your right hand and your left hand on the floor.  Lower your body down until your shoulder is slightly below your hand, squeezing your shoulder blades together as you do lower down.  Make sure that you keep your core tight and that your hips do not stick up into the air.  Do as many as you can until you fatigue and set a goal each time you do this exercise to do one more than you did the last time. You will do the left hand the second time through. (This can be modified by doing the push ups from your knees if you are unable to do them from your toes)

3 – Medicine Ball V-Sit Rotations
In a seated position, with your back flat and chest lifted up tall rotate through your torso touching the ball to your left hip then to your right.  Make sure as you rotate you are rotating from your core muscles not just using your arms.  If you want to make this exercise more difficult you can raise your feet off of the floor.  Make sure as you twist that your legs stay completely still. Do this for 60 seconds or until fatigue.

4 – Now complete 60 seconds of cardio of your choice.  You can either do jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers, side shuffles or running on the spot – anything that will get your heart rate up for one minute.  

Once you have completed the cardio then repeat the same circuit but place your left leg forward in the lunge and your left hand on the medicine ball in the push up.  This super set will spice up the workout you are already doing and add some fun and variety to the time that you spend in the gym.

(note from Lainey: thanks for all your messages for Hayley. We’ve had a lot of requests for photos and/or video demonstration so we’re trying this out.)