Whether you were watching the Oscars with your besties at an Oscar party, or sitting at home alone (moi) and watching it while trying to prep for the week, we can all agree that A LOT went into making those celebrities as beautiful as they were and it was not just stunning gowns, tuxedos, jewellery and shoes. These ladies and gents spend weeks preparing to look their best. So…do you want a glimpse into what it takes to make that happen? Let’s start with food and living and later this week I’ll get into the workouts.

Step number one is SLEEP. Do not set your alarm any earlier than 7am (not as easy as we would like for most of us). Sleep helps to make sure your adrenal function is supported but it also keeps bags under your eyes down. 

Step number two is hydration. I like to pour my water into my glass the night before to let it sit but if you forget, just pour it first thing in the morning and squeeze ¼ of a lemon into it. The more water you drink the less water you retain, which means less bloat. Drink consistently throughout the day and away from meals and snacks (20 minutes before or after a meal at minimum). Also, it is very common for thirst cues to be confused as being hungry so if you are hungry have a glass of water and if in 20 minutes you are still hungry then have a snack, but if that hunger subsides then most likely you were thirsty. 

Step number three is a healthy, green smoothie. Grab a blender and throw in some kale, spinach, lemon, ginger, turmeric, celery, apple, a bit of plant based protein powder, some water and enjoy.  Make sure you drink this within one hour of waking.

Step four is your morning snack. Two eggs, hard boiled, and some steamed veggies and no, you can’t substitute a large latte and chocolate chip cookie for this.

Lunch is, you guessed it, a salad. Step five: two fistfuls of leafy greens and veggies, 1 fist-full of a lean, clean protein (think fish, chicken, turkey, lentils or beans) and if you are working out, or did already, add a fist full of a complex carbohydrate like quinoa or brown rice.

Step six, your afternoon snack, is 10 almonds (raw and unsalted) and a low glycemic fruit like an apple, pear or some berries.

Dinner, step seven, consists of (drumroll please) more vegetables. These roasted, steamed or baked veggies should fill up half of your plate and then another serving of clean protein, slightly larger then what you had a lunch. No bread. No wine. No dessert. 

Then just before your head hits the pillow (which should be no later than 10pm) swig back a capful of apple cider vinegar. 

Substitute dried or fresh herbs for salt as salt will add to bloat. Water should be the only liquid, aside from green or herbal tea. Sugar needs to be forgotten, alcohol is forbidden, and processed foods should be considered poisonous. Your diet should consist of healthy fats, lean proteins and lots and lots of vegetables. 

For some extra calorie burning and detoxing, a twice weekly infrared sauna visit is recommended, and to keep your hair and skin glowing stick to all natural products free of xenoestrogens and other harmful chemicals. I am a HUGE fan of using organic coconut oil as a natural makeup remover and moisturizer for both your face and body.

Thanks to one of my best friends, and amazing nutritionist, Melanie Ackerley for helping me break down these details!