We all live busy lives and try to fit in as much as we can into our days and one of the first things to go when we are short on time is our workout.  I am fortunate that I live in workout wear and it does not matter if I have sweaty hair or no makeup on at work so that means that I can squeeze in my workout whenever I have a break.  However, not all of us have that luxury and most have to look presentable while at work, making a mid-day workout unrealistic.  

Now even though I might not have to look my best while I am working, summer is slowly approaching and sometimes I have to run from a sweaty day in the studio to a sexy night on a patio with friends (or a hot date) and I do not want to skip my workout to ensure my makeup looks perfect nor do I want to spend hours getting ready after work.  

Today after my 10km run today I popped into my favourite store, Kiss and Makeup, and had the girls there show me exactly how to go from sweaty to glowing. This technique can be used after your 6am boot camp before heading to work, before your video conference call after your lunchtime jog or after your evening spin class before meeting your girlfriends for dinner.

I begin by cleaning my face with an organic bamboo wipe to remove the sweat and dirt that I had accumulated on my run.  Second I spray some REN moisture mist onto my face to help it cool and tone my rosy cheeks. Next I apply a tinted moisturizer that also has an SPF of 20.  This product is extremely light weight and transforms my post workout complexion to one that is natural and dewy.  After my workout my skin always becomes red and blotchy so along with evening my skin tone the Illumicover Concealer by Fusion Beauty smoothes the small lines in my face, plumps my wrinkles (I can’t believe I already have wrinkles….) and helps improve my skins’ firmness and elasticity.  The Becca Fallen Angel pallet, which is one of my favourite products and I rarely leave home without it, is a lip and cheek cream combination.  I use the Nectar colour on the apples of my cheeks, the highlighter on the top of my cheekbones, which gives them a natural glow, and I apply Narcissus to my eyes for a little illumination.  Last is always a quick application of mascara, my favourite being the Geisha Ink Mascara which is clump free and waterproof (just in case I haven’t quite finished sweating) and some Illia lip conditioner in Dizzy, which is 85% organic and makes my lips really soft (because maybe my hot patio date will end in a goodnight kiss….)

To finish off the look I release my hair from its sweaty ponytail and spray Oribe Dry Texture Spray (this is seriously my new obsession and I have a large one in my bathroom at home and I carry one in my purse), run my fingers through it and I am ready to go.