Hi Hayley,
I was wondering if you could recommended a protein powder. I do spin class 3x/week and TRX 2x/week and I don't get to eat anything until I'm at work which is at least 1hr after working out. I'd like to drink a protein shake right after my workouts but I'm lost when it comes to choosing a powder. Are there any protein powders that you can recommend besides Vega which doesn't seem to agree with my stomach?



Vega does not agree with everyone and you are not the first person to tell me it does not sit well in their stomach. You could try cutting the serving size in half as a full serving may be too much for you. I am ok with one scoop a day as long as it is mixed in with other things but when you drink it on its own it does not have the best of flavours.

That is the problem with many protein powders, in order for them to get away with a good taste they need to put in a lot of additives. I am a big fan of getting my protein from food so if you could, packing a snack that you can eat directly after your workout would be the best option. Almonds, hard boiled eggs, fruit with some nut butter, vegetables and hummus or lean proteins are always an option. As long as you are getting something into your system you are better off than not consuming anything before hitting the office again.

If packing food is not an option then the best protein that will be the easiest on your stomach is the Manitoba Hemp Protein as it is the most pure protein and does not contain any whey or soy. With that being said, it tastes awful so if you can handle swigging it back with some water then go for it. Another option, if you are not bothered by some additives to make it taste a little better, is the Muscle Mlk Brand.  They have a powdered option for protein as well as one that comes pre-made. Muscle MLK used to be popular in Canada, but was stopped at the border and held up at customs years ago because nothing is allowed to be called milk other than actual milk. The company went back and re-branded the product and changed the formula, so it is very different from the US product, and is actually considered a "food" here in Canada. It is a drink that is just protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates, designed to be a recovery drink after exercise. It provides 25 grams of protein in a single serving, is lactose and gluten free, and does not actually contain any milk.

I became acquainted with Muscle Mlk products last year as they were always handing out samples at the end of all my mountain biking races and I found if I drank a serving before I hit the food table that was full of processed, high glucose foods like bagels, cookies and chocolate milk, I ate less of those foods and in turn felt way better after and ready to train again the next day. You can keep a couple scoops in a Ziploc bag to mix into your water at the end of the workout or purchase the bottles that are premade for you, chocolate is my favourite.

When you are out shopping for a protein powder for your kitchen look at a few things. Make sure the product is low in sugar and is as natural as possible. And you most likely only need half of the required serving as our bodies only require 0.8-1.2 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight each day so when you combine your protein drink with the protein you eat you should be hitting your mark.

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