April showers bring May flowers, or at least that is what they tell us so we can make it through the rainy and dreary spring here on the West (or wet) Coast. Getting outside in the rain never used to bother me and I almost looked forward to a wet hike or run through the trails but maybe it is because I am getting older that the thought of getting wet is the last thing I want to experience. I have turned into a soft, fairweather outdoor enthusiast.

However, if I allowed this attitude to continue I would not see the light of day from November to May.  Unlike the rest of the country that has to deal with extreme cold and snow, we over here along the ocean have to deal with being wet, all the time. And I am not sure what one is worst.  I have talked before about how to stay warm so now I want to talk about how to stay dry.

Waterproof shoes are a must, and I am not talking about cute Wellies. You need to invest in a good pair of Gortex shoes that will keep your feet dry on your morning runs or dog walks. In my opinion, Salomon does this best and they make the prettiest waterproof shoes. This one is my favourite.

Keeping your legs dry is also important so get a good pair of pants that will keep you warm and somewhat dry. The problem with going completely waterproof is the fabric loses its breathability so you want to find a pant that will go right down to your ankles with a bit of water resistant fabric on the front and some breathability vents in the back. This one is breathable and resistant and a great price.

When picking a jacket, aside from all the technical aspects to consider, you also must consider fashion.  Do you want to look like you just climbed a mountain when you are ordering a coffee after your morning hike? Or do you want to look a bit more fashionable? If you want your inner mountaineering to shine through then go with something like this, cute but athletic. But if you want to stay completely dry and look a bit more “city” post morning dog walk then this completely waterproof Rains jacket (appropriately named) is my favourite. I have it and I love how I can get my sweat on outside with a pair of trail runners then slip into my hunter boots and run errands without feeling like I am wearing workout clothes. I actually feel like I am wearing a rain jacket that I used to wear as a little girl!

Most important is a hat.  Not only does a hat keep your hair dry but it keeps the mist and rain out of your eyes. Any old hat will do, so pull out an old favourite from the closet and get outside. Maybe jump in a few puddles while you are at it and enjoy that feeling of being carefree.