I know Lainey did not like the Jessica Rabbit style dress that was worn by Reese Witherspoon on Sunday night at the Globes, and I agree with her that it was a tad sloppy and she did blend into the red carpet itself. However her waistline did look amazing, right?

You know a small waist takes more than sit ups and crunches but keeping with the theme of the week, here is a quick abdominal circuit for you to combine with your cardio, strength training and healthy diet.  

Make sure you are warmed up and throw this circuit in anywhere, after a run, in the middle of a strength session, at home before you start out your day or even in your hotel while on vacation and you’re feeling like a quick abdominal burner before you hit the beach.

25 side pikes each side: lie on your right hip, with your right arm extended out and your left arm straight up over your head.  You then want to fold yourself in half from the waist (shaping your body into a “V”) as you reach your top arm towards your toes.  Return back to a straight position on your side and repeat. If you can’t keep your legs straight you can bend your legs at your knees and bring them into your chest to make the exercise a bit easier.

5 straight leg sit up/toe touches: lie on your back, legs extended straight out in front of you. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale sit up and reach for your toes (this is a great abdominal exercise as it also works on hamstring length).  Then rolling your back slowly towards the mat. I want to you stop when you feel like you are just about to collapse and do 10 small pulses (make sure that these pulses come from your lower abdominals, not from your neck) . Return back to the matt and repeat.

50 Medicine Ball V-Sit Rotations: Sit on the floor with your back as tall as you can get it and your legs bent.  You can keep your feet on the floor or raise them (which will increase the difficulty of the exercise).  Making sure you keep your legs perfectly still (this must be done or you will not make any gains with this exercise) touch the ball to your left hip, then to your right, each counting as 1 repetition.

5 more straight leg sit ups

Medicine Ball V- Sit overhead presses: Sit back into the v-sit position and press the medicine ball over your head, to a full arm extension, then bring it back down to your chest. Make sure your back stays straight and your lower abs engaged tight.

1 minute front plank