Smelly workout wear – we all have it but unfortunately we do not realize that it smells until we are already at the gym, sweating on the treadmill and the cute guy beside you gives you a “is that you” look.  Or when you inconspicuously sniff your top and nearly fall off the treadmill in embarrassment you realize that yes, it is you who is causing everyone else grief from the odors seeping from your gym attire.
But why? You wash your gym clothes, right? You do not allow them to fester in your workout bag and wear them again like I have had the pleasure of clients doing in my career as a personal trainer.

The thing with moisture wicking fabrics (which most of your workout wear is made of) is that they hold onto orders and bacteria; but they do it secretly as it is not until you start sweating that the smells emerge.  It does not matter how often you wash your clothes, if you are not using a proper sports wash every few washes (I like to use a sport specific detergent at least twice per month) you are going to smell and you will have to throw away your perfectly good exercise gear or risk being “that girl/guy who smells”.

Here are 2 of my favourite detergents to keep your clothes smelling fresh.  The first is a President’s Choice detergent that runs around $9.00 and it is virtually odorless, which I love because I do not like any type of a scent while I am exercising.  This product will eliminate the orders from even your smelliest of sports bras without masking it with another scent. Because this product is quite inexpensive I use this each time I wash my workout clothing.

Another detergent, which is a bit more expensive at around $25.00 is the Laundress Sports Wash. I really like this product as it leaves my clothes free of oils, bacteria and odor and your active wear comes out soft and smelling fresh. Because of its higher price point I limit the number of washes I use this product for, as you only get about 8 large loads per bottle (12 or more in a front load efficient washer) and with the amount of workout clothing I wash a week I would go broke. However, I do love how my clothes feel and smell after using this product so it is a once per month use for me or used on those items that I just cannot get to smell clean.

Do not be that person who cannot figure out why no one is running beside you or when you enter the stretching room everyone else vacates.  Eliminate the orders from your clothing, keep them bacteria free (which can help prevent you from getting an infection) and make your expensive workout clothes last (we all want our $100 workout leggings to last longer than a season).

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