Hi Hayley,

I have a quick question for a sunscreen recommendation. I am a long-time runner who recently moved to Florida from Montreal. In Canada, I had typically exercised in the early evening, but lately this hasn't been possible and I've been running around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, sometimes earlier. In the winter it was fine, but I am a fair-skinned red-head and the sun here is STRONG. Due to ridiculous tanning when I was a teenager I have to be really careful in the sun. What is your favourite sporty sunscreen that is not sticky or heavy or too thick and will not sweat off in the summer Florida sun? I typically run for 45 minutes to an hour.

Thank you!


I have been on the hunt for the perfect sunscreen since I became an endurance athlete myself and it is only now, 12 years later, that I have found it. Like you, I want a sunscreen that goes on easy, is light weight, has a good scent, protects my skin, is easy to use and most importantly it does not sting if you get it in your eyes.

As the sun has been shining in Vancouver a lot lately and I have been hitting the outdoor pool and trails getting ready for my Xterra race next month, I grabbed a bottle of Coola Face SPF 30 moisturizer as well as a bottle of the Sport Spray,  also in a 30 SPF. I did not know much about the product but decided to take the risk and put the face sunscreen on my forehead, which usually results in me running towards the closest water source to rinse out my stinging eyes once I start sweating. Surprisingly, after a hard run in the sunshine, my eyes weren’t stinging and my face was not burnt.

The Sport Spray was lightweight, it dried quickly without leaving behind a sticky residue and its Pina Colada scent kept me smelling sweet, not sweaty. I have a bottle of each in my gym bag as well as a second bottle on my bathroom counter, which I now use as my moisturizer. It is a bit pricey, compared with grocery store brand sunscreens, but Coola’s all natural, 97% certified organic ingredients makes it worth every penny. 

It is our skin and it is important to protect it while staying active so make sure you lather up over these next few months as the sun starts shining brighter and longer.