Ok Hayley here is my dilemma .....
I would like to wear short skirts this summer but I'm really self conscious about my legs & my knees in particular.
I have a layer of fat hovering above my knee that just drives me mental. What exercise can I do at home (I am allergic to the gym) that can help tone my legs and more importantly get rid of the fat above my knees.
please let their be a solution I've alway dreamed of achieving legs of a model....or at least nice legs...:) kb


There is no easy way to say this, but there is no such thing as spot reduction (meaning you can not choose an area on your body to specifically lose weight from). However, on the brighter side of this, you can specifically tone areas of your body so here is what I suggest you do to help you rock your skirts this summer with confidence.

You need to increase your cardio each day to help your body burn fat, which will come from all over your body unfortunately, not just your knees.  I suggest for your cardio you stick with power walking (or running if you can) and cycling, staying at a lower tension with faster legs as this will help avoid building bulk to your thighs. Try finding a spin class as they tend to be a lot of fun and burn mega calories. Combining the increased cardio with a healthy diet, limiting your sugars and simple carbohydrate intake and increasing the lean protein and vegetables in your diet, will help your body burn the fat you are looking to get rid of, including the pesky fat over your knees.

For your at home workouts try getting a Pilates DVD, which you can order online from Stott Pilates and do the DVD two times per week plus this leg circuit two times a week. The Pilates will help your muscles lengthen and become flexible (which will make them seem longer and leaner) and the leg circuit will increase the tone of your legs (and glutes) as well as increase your leg strength.

Most importantly, wear your short skirts and be proud of the work that you do to make your legs look as good as they do.  We are not perfect and we all want to change things about our bodies, so if you start to focus on your fitness and health and continue to challenge yourself to be stronger you will start to forget about the little bit of fat that your body likes to store in your legs because you will be so focused on the amazing workout you just had that morning or the fact that you ran farther or cycled harder than you ever have before.  

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