Stand up paddle-boarding (or SUP’ing as the serious paddlers call it) is probably one of my favourite activities to do in the summer and I am not alone. Celebs like Jennifer Garner, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce, Eva Longoria, Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey, Robert Pattinson, and Olivia Wilde (attached) have all been paddling on a sunny day. 

When I was in Tofino, BC a few weeks ago trying to catch a wave on my surfboard there were 4 people paddling out on the water who were unbelievable SUP’ers. It was an amazing thing to watch as they paddled their boards up and over the 5 foot waves then catch a wave and ride it in. I myself am more of a calm water paddler and you can usually find me out on a calm summer’s night working my core as I paddle along the shoreline.

Stand up paddling is not just for the serious as all ages and fitness abilities can do it. I taught my 63 year old mom and dad how to do it last summer at our cottage. It strengthens your core and upper body strength, improves your balance and if you work hard enough even your cardiovascular system will reap the rewards. 

I always talk about getting out and trying new things and now that summer has arrived go grab a friend and rent a board for a couple of hours. It is pretty easy to learn, but I do suggest you take at least one lesson just get the basics. Stand up paddle boards can be rented in and around most bodies of water and there are a lot of companies like this that provide lessons.

Once you have mastered the skills, make it a weekly adventure and see how far you can paddle each day. You will surprise yourself at how strong you will become and you will not even realise you are working!