Hi Hayley!

I'm a university student and I've recently started taking some TRX classes. I'm loving it and it kicks my butt, so I feel great after! I was just wondering about your thoughts on TRX, and what I should be doing other than TRX in terms of cardio/strength training to supplement?

Thanks! - G


The TRX is my absolute favourite piece of equipment over anything else you can find in a gym. It’s inexpensive, takes up very little space and in a very short amount of time you can get a complete full body workout which will target muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance, your core as well as help improve any muscular imbalances that may be present in your body. I use this piece of equipment with all of my clients as it does everything, even rehabilitation.

In all honesty, I do not think that you need to do much more to enhance your routine besides adding some cardio before or after your TRX workout or on alternating days.  Below are my favourite TRX exercises that are easy to do and if you go through this doing 1 to 3 sets of each I would be surprised if you did not have a hard time walking come the next morning.

TRX pull-ups
This exercise targets your back and biceps. The farther away from your body you place your feet the more load you will have on your upper body therefore increasing the difficulty of the exercise. Start with 45 degrees and as you get stronger walk your feet farther away.  Focus on engaging the muscles in between your shoulder blades as you lift your body by pulling your hands towards your ribcage.  Common mistakes in this exercise are arching your back and pushing your hips forward or letting your hips sag towards the floor.  Imagine yourself like a teeter-totter rising and falling and you should be fine.

TRX bicep curls
In the same position as you were in while doing the pull-ups, turn your hands so your palms face up (supination) and pull your hands to your shoulders, making sure you do not drop your elbows. As you are using smaller and weaker muscles in this exercise you will want to walk your feet back slightly to lighten the load on your arms. Common mistakes here are dropping the elbows while pulling your hands to your shoulders and pushing your hips up in the air.

TRX lunges
This is Lainey’s favourite! (Lainey: it’s the WORST) Begin in a lunge position with your back foot hooked into the handle (you have to loop the handles through twice to make it one handle). Ensuring that your front knee does not extend over your toe or track towards the midline of your body you will lunge down as you extend your back leg straight behind you. You can bend your back knee if you choose but I prefer to keep it straight as it is a great stretch for the front of the hip. If you want to increase the difficulty of this exercise add a jump as you come back up to the starting position.

TRX front plank
Place one foot in each handle and your elbows onto the floor in a plank position. Make sure you keep your upper back flat and your hips in line with your shoulders.

TRX pushups
Place one foot into each strap of the TRX and your hands on the floor in a pushup position. Keeping your legs straight and core engaged bend your elbows and lower your hips towards the floor without allowing your hips to sink below your shoulders. Come down to at least a 90 degree bend in your elbows and then push yourself back to your starting position. (an option is adding a knee tuck or pike in between each pushup – see below)

TRX tricep extension
You will stand facing away from the TRX with your arms extended straight and elbows forward. Begin by bending your elbows and bringing your hands towards your forehead, without letting your arms drop. Once your hands have reached your forehead extend your arms straight. Again, it is common in this exercise to push your hips behind you or allow them to sag so focus on maintaining neutral spine and a strong core.

TRX hamstring curl
Lie on your back with one heel positioned in each handle. Push your heels into the handles and lift your hips up into the air which will be your starting position. You will then bring your heels towards your hips, lifting your hips higher as you do. To make this exercise more difficult take your hands off of the floor and place them in the air.

TRX knee tuck
Starting in the pushup position and tuck your knees in towards your chest without moving through the torso and making sure that you keep your body weight overtop of your hands.  Extend the legs straight while keeping the hips in line with your shoulders.

TRX pike
This is very similar to the knee tuck except you are pulling your toes in towards you with straight legs and driving your hips up into the air.

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