Water. It is something our body needs. It keep us hydrated, it helps us think and focus, it helps with weight loss, it helps our bodies rid themselves of toxins, it makes our skin glow and hair shine, keeps our muscles from cramping in our workouts and keeps headaches at bay. If you are not drinking water your body will store it, which means you become bloated and the scale is displaying a higher number than you would like to see.

Another benefit that comes with drinking water is it leaves less time and room in your stomach to drink other higher calorie drinks such as pop and juice. I used to be a huge juice drinker and would start every morning with a big glass of sugary juice. This is just as bad for you as starting your day with a sugary soda so I weaned myself off the juice and have stuck to strictly water. Doing this alone saved me over 3000 calories a month, nearly 1 pound of potential weight gain.
It is suggested that we should all be drinking at least 8, 8oz glasses a day of water a day and we should add another glass for every cup of coffee or alcoholic beverage we consume as both of these liquids dehydrate us. You also must ensure you are drinking water while you exercise, again adding to the recommended 8 cups a day.

The reason I’m telling you this? Because one of the best presents that I received this Christmas from my best friend was a pretty pink BKR water bottle. I am classic for losing water bottles. I hate carrying them around with me and I hate drinking out of them even more. They either look like something you would see on the sideline of a soccer field, or you have to suck water out of it like a baby sucking a bottle or you have to unscrew the lid with what feels like a million revolutions to open it and when you finally do get the lid off it is so wide that the water goes everywhere but in your mouth. However, if I do not have a water bottle with me I do not drink water meaning I can go days before I realise that my skin has turned grey, my lips have become chapped and I have a wicked headache and I am tired, all because I am dehydrated.

I know this is just a water bottle but it literally changed my life.  Not only is it super cute so I don’t mind it sitting beside my desk or on the training floor, but it is easy to drink out of when I am exercising, it fits nicely in my bag and coffee holder in my car, it is comfortable to hold and it only takes one quick turn of the lid to open or close it. It is a little pricey but in my opinion it is worth it and you will look forward to consuming your 8 glasses of water a day.

(Note from Lainey: This article is NOT a paid endorsement. Paid endorsements on LaineyGossip.com are always clearly marked. This is a straight up Hayley obsession.)