It’s been straight summertime sunshine for weeks here on the West Coast. One thing that I love about summer is the weekend getaway with girlfriends: packing up the car and leaving the husbands, boyfriends and kids behind (all of which I don’t have) and heading out for some girls-only fun. But as fun as these trips are you must be careful as too many poolside cocktails and not enough exercise can end in regret when you are trying to squeeze back into your fall wardrobe.

How do I avoid this? I stay away from Las Vegas poolside getaways and drag my girls along for a weekend full of adventure. I don’t like to sit still and I have usually completed a 3-hour mountain bike ride before most of my friends have finished their first cup of coffee. You would think this would make it difficult for us to vacation together but we make it work. 

Whistler is my absolute favorite place to go away for a weekend and I am so lucky that it is only 90 minutes from my door. And the beauty of Whistler is that you can vacation there all season. Winter is great for skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing but there is plenty to do there in the summer as well.

I spent this past weekend up there with my girls and it was amazing. While I was out the door early riding around the Lost Lake trails on my mountain bike my girlfriends were enjoying a delicious breakfast on the lakeside patio of our hotel.  Nita Lake Lodge is my favorite spot in Whistler as it is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the village and nestled beside a stunning lake that is perfect for tanning, swimming and paddling (they even have paddle boards and bikes that we could use for free). And they offer the Kundalini Massage that I wrote about here.

After our morning in the sun (mine spent on the bike and theirs spent drinking coffee and eating an organic breakfast), the Valley Trail, which was right outside our door, offered us a very scenic walk along the many lakes in and around Whistler. 

Now, my friends do like a challenge (just not on a daily basis like I do) so we strapped ice clamps (crampons) onto our shoes and headed up the mountain for some hiking, finishing atop of Whistler’s glacier. It was amazing and all of us felt like we’d accomplished something – it’s hard not to when you are standing on a mountain peak.

We ended this full day of fun-filled calorie burning activity with guilt free eating and drinking in Whistler Village, which is why we exercise, right? We happened upon this incredible small restaurant called Alta Bistro, (which is now my favorite Whistler dining spot) and I was shocked that for $33 we were able to enjoy a 3-course dinner, all of which is grown locally. It was a good thing that we did as much activity as we did that day, as there was not a morsel of food or drop of wine to be spared.

Next time you are planning a trip away with girlfriends, try something new. Stay away from the usual beach or poolside summer vacations where all you do is lie around and drink sugary filled cocktails and hit the mountains. I know not all of you are as lucky as I am to have Whistler in your backyard, but hunt out a remote spot to spend a weekend with friends, laughing and creating memories, while guaranteeing your pants will still do up come fall.

Attached – Bono and his wife Ali Hewson on a bike ride in the South of France