The wagon. If you haven’t fallen off it yet then you have somehow managed to have held on tighter than a lot of people I know. Summer has a way of doing that to you and presents you with ample opportunities to jump off the wagon, landing in backyard BBQs, sunny cocktail filled patios or beach days with your besties. I was out with my bestie last night at a baseball game and she was complaining how she gained 7 pounds this summer. She said she usually prepares herself for 5 but this summer was extra bad for her. If you are like her and have watched the scale increase each week, don’t fret. The wagon isn’t moving that quickly. Just climb back on.

It is easy in the summer heat to get carried away with your alcohol consumption and chug back a cider to quench your thirst so begin here and start cutting that down. I am not saying give up booze completely, but cut it way back. If you have any long weekend plans that involve cocktails, opt for spirits with soda and lots of lime or wine spritzers. This will still allow you to enjoy a beverage or two without adding too many calories.

Top up your hydration levels. With the heat of the summer we can become extremely dehydrated without even knowing it. From sweating in the sun, consuming alcohol or simply just not drinking enough H2O, our bodies will store water, causing us to become bloated (among other things). Up your water intake to at least 2L a day as this will allow your body to release what it has stored, as well as make your skin a hell of a lot happier. Have you ever noticed how dry your skin becomes when you are dehydrated?

Get back into your workouts. The days are becoming a bit shorter and the nights are not quite as hot, which means daily temperatures should be lower making it easier to convince yourself to start moving.  If you have completely fallen off the workout wagon, start by adding 15 minutes of exercise, four to five days a week, and gradually increase that to 30 to 60 minutes. If you have been pretty good with staying active this summer, then try something new, such as a class you have never done before, to switch things up and give you something new to do come fall. Trying new things is always a good way to shock your body and get it moving in ways it hasn’t before, waking up muscles that maybe have been asleep for a long time.

There is no reason to panic if you’re having troubles zipping up your favourite pair of skinny jeans but if you don’t break those bad habits that you have created over these past two months then you could be in some serious trouble when the leaves start falling.  And remember, I am always here for you in your times of fitness desperation. I’m just an email away!