I’m back from the trip of a lifetime – 3 weeks in Europe for my best friend’s wedding, and I’m ready to get myself and you guys, fit for the fall. Now people ask me all the time how they can stay in shape (or more importantly not get fat) while they are away on vacation. We all know going to the gym is not always an option because do we really want to waste the limited time we have inside a gym rather than seeing the sights? It can be easier to stay fit on some vacations but when you are moving from place to place and spending your days touring, eating the local cuisine and drinking the local wine more often than not, it can be tough to squeeze into your pants upon your return.

Here are my 5 tips on how to make sure you come home from vacation the same size you were when you left while making sure you are taking in all you can:

1 – Walk the city.  Stay away from big bus tours and put on some comfortable shoes and hit the streets.  Most big cities offer walking tours so do your research before hand, sign up for a walking tour and spend the day experiencing the environment and burning calories at the same time. I did a running tour while I was in Paris and it was amazing. Click here to learn more.

2 – Eat like the locals. I was shocked one day while I was in Paris when I saw a family walk out of a Subway sandwich shop with lunch when right next store was a beautiful bakery that had fresh baguettes filled with healthy, fresh and wholesome ingredients. There is a reason they say French women don’t get fat so look around and eat like those are who live there. 

3 – Keep your portion sizes under control. I know when you are somewhere foreign you want to enjoy everything and as much of everything as you can because who knows when you will ever be back again.  But try and resist and rather than eating it all yourself share a variety of foods with your fellow travellers. Order different foods from your friends then pass it around, that way you can taste everything without over-indulging.

4 – Incorporate your workouts into sightseeing. If you are a runner, get up early in the morning and run to an attraction. Not only will you beat the crowds and the lines but nothing makes you feel more like a local then running alongside other locals. 

5 – Find an attraction that involves being active and do it. Here in Vancouver we are blessed with many outdoor and athletic tourist attractions: the Vancouver Seawall, the Grouse Grind and Whistler are just a few. Research where you are travelling and find something you can do that will allow you to enjoy where you are as well as get the heart rate up. On this trip for me it was running to Abby Road in London, mountain biking and hiking Scotland and running to, and up, the Arch de Triumph in Paris.
I cannot say that I came home in as good shape as I was when I left but my clothes still fit and I know within a week of returning back to my regular routine I will be right back where I was before.

Attached – Reese Witherspoon at the gym yesterday.