The winter has hit us hard here on Canada’s west coast, which means running outside is out of the question. It’s not that we west coasters can’t handle the cold, but our city can’t seem to clear the snow (all 15cm of it) off the sidewalks before it freezes and turns into a giant skating rink. So, during these cold months, many of us are going to have to resort to the good old faithful treadmill. 

I am sure I am not alone when I say treadmills are BORING, and I am lucky if I can last even 20 minutes running like a hamster in one spot. (Lainey: I prefer the treadmill! Am I the only one???) The only things that get me through a treadmill workout are some good beats and intervals. With the busy Christmas season fast approaching these interval treadmill workouts make it easy for all of us, no matter what fitness level you are at, to squeeze in your workouts and burn mega calories in less than 30 minutes. 

If you are new to running, use the resting intervals to walk slow and get your heart rate down, and rather than running, increase your pace to a fast walk with an incline of 4% or greater. If you are an average runner (you get out and run 5km once or twice a week) then run the running intervals but walk the rest intervals. If you are a seasoned runner, then you are going to run your different race paces for the running intervals and recover on the rest with a slow jog. 

Workout Number One – Speed Play
Start this workout with an easy 5 minute warmup. Hop onto a bike for a few minutes, keeping the tension light and the legs moving a bit quicker than you are probably used too. Before hopping onto the treadmill, do a few leg swings, some lunges, high knees and butt kicks. The pace guides are in the order of experienced runners (do the entire workout at 1.5-2% incline), novice runners (do workout at 0.5-1.5% incline):

5 minutes 75% intensity (marathon pace, fast jog, fast walk with 4% incline)
4 minutes recovery
4 minutes 80% intensity (10km pace, fast jog, fast walk with 5% incline)
3 minutes recovery
3 minutes 85% intensity (5km race pace, faster jog, fast walk at 6% incline)
2 minutes recovery
2 minutes 90% intensity (1km race pace, run, jog with 0% incline)
1 minute recovery
1 minute at 95% intensity (sprint, faster run, jog at 1% incline)
5 minute cool down and stretch

Workout Number Two – Hills
Just like the workout above, start this workout with at least a 5 minute warmup.

Set 1
90 seconds at 2.5% incline
30 seconds recovery
60 seconds at 5% incline
30 second recovery
30 seconds at 7.5% incline
30 second recovery
60 seconds at 2.5% incline, 60 seconds at 5% incline, 60 seconds at 7.5% incline (no rest between)
Repeat this in the reverse order

-Do all of the above intervals at the fastest pace you can hold and try not to decrease your speed as the incline increases

Set 2
90 seconds at 5% or greater
30 seconds recovery
60 seconds at 5% or greater (increase your speed)
30 seconds recovery
30 seconds at 5% or greater (as fast as you can)
Repeat this in the reverse order

60 seconds at 5% or greater, 45 seconds at 5% or greater (increase speed), 30 seconds at 5% or greater (increase speed) 15 seconds at 5% or greater (sprint!)
Cool down and stretch

Throw these workouts into what you are already doing at the gym or use them on your own for a quick blast when time is crunched.

Attached: Daniel Radcliffe heads to the gym in Savannah, Georgia on December 11, 2016.