Hi Hayley,
I am an avid runner, recently minted trainer and I'm looking to buy some new gear.  My beloved Nike running watch finally bit the dust after 8 years and I am in desperate need of another.  However, I can't seem to find a watch that has an intervals function on it that isn't extremely expensive.  Do you know of any good watches out there with intervals?

Also, I know some ladies can rock the no-undies thing when they work out in spandex but - let's be real - I just get raging camel toe.  Do you know of any underwear that are great for wearing during exercise that don't look like granny panties?  I still want to look like a hot lady working out but do not want to sacrifice my crotch for looking good...



My brother gave me this watch for Christmas and I absolutely love it.  One thing that I have always hated about sport watches is how confusing they are too use and I am never able to figure out which button does what and they usually end up collecting dust at the bottom of my gym bag because I become too frustrated to figure them out.  This one is extremely easy to use, it is inexpensive ($99.00 retail) and it’s pink!  The watch runs on a rechargeable battery which has an 8 hour GPS battery life (the GPS will allow you to track your speed and distance) and an even longer battery life when the GPS is not in use. I have used it for every run since Christmas with zero complaints so far (and I have only had to charge it once).

As for eliminating the dreaded camel toe in your spandex, there are two options: I am one of those who rocks the no underwear under my running tights so I opt for the first -- a pair of tights that have a good gusset in them (the gusset is the little triangle that is inserted in the tights that acts like a pair of underwear would).  Do not buy tights without a gusset if you do not plan on wearing underwear. The second option (which I opt for during long runs) is wearing a good pair of underwear that will not chafe or pinch you anywhere.  I am a big fan of the lululemon light as air thong as you barely notice them on and as you sweat (as much as we hate to admit it a lot of us sweat “down there”) they wick away the moisture and they do not lose their shape or sag.  If you are not a fan of the thong then try out their light as air hipster although the panty lines will be harder to cover up.  Another full bottom option can be found at Mark’s Work Warehouse and the $5.00 price point works for most.  I have never worn them myself but one of my clients swears by them and she is not shy to show off her panty line free bottom whenever she has them on under her tights.

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