I would be the last person to call myself a fashionista but I do know how to dress for a workout.  Let’s face it – gyms are no longer a place to wear your frumpy white t-shirts and baggy shorts anymore.  They are turning into a place to be seen and look good and no matter what size you are or what your budget might be you can look hot while you are dripping with sweat.  And with clubs like Equinox transforming the typical workout environment into a posh place to hang out, it is time to ramp up your workout wardrobe.

I have always believed that looking good while you work out is motivating so here are a few tips on how to create fashionable workout wardrobe.

My first piece of advice is to buy BRIGHT shoes.  They do not have to be completely bright but choose a shoe that has some colour in it, either on the sole, the laces or the entire shoe.  This is the shoe that I am loving right now, a minimus running shoe. As much as we want a shoe for function (and this shoe delivers that) we also want to look good, right? Both of these shoes get compliments wherever I wear them (yes... I do wear running shoes outside of the gym).

Next step is picking the right pants and I am a big fan of wearing ¾ length black capris; I have more of these than one girl needs and they will go with everything.  A lot of women, especially fuller figured women, shy away from this style of pant but trust me when I say this - they look good on everyone and anyone who I have convinced to trade in their baggy workout pants for a tighter fitting pant thanks me.  You can buy pants like these anywhere and this is the pair I am living in right now.  They are extremely soft and the waist band is not constricting, as well as it is a bit of a higher rise, so it does not accentuate the “muffin top”.  Also, the seaming on this pant does wonders to shape your behind. Unless you have the perfect legs and butt stick to black as colour will just accentuate everything we are trying to burn off on the Stairmaster.

Once you have found the perfect pant you want to accentuate one of the colours from your shoes somewhere on your upper body so pick out something bright, even if it is just worn underneath a more neutral top.  Purchase a longer tank top in a bright colour  so it can peek out from underneath your outer layer or opt for a brighter outer layer and a neutral tank. I am a big fan of layering, mainly because it makes you look slim.  And the bright colour is motivating to look at and will brighten up a dismal day. 

Looking good while you exercise is important as it helps motivate you to work hard so invest in a few good workout pieces that you look forward to putting on and wearing to the gym. Most importantly throw away your shoes that you have been wearing for years and treat yourself to something fun and bright.