I’ve had a lot of questions this week asking how to do Lainey’s workout that was posted last Monday in a busy fitness center where there are lines for cardio equipment and the weight equipment is usually on the other side of the facility.  This is a great question as I understand not everyone has the luxury of having someone set everything up for you and hand you the next piece of equipment needed for your next exercise.

Here is what you can do: get your cardio done first and out of the way.  Some trainers are big on doing it before, some are big on doing it after.  Unless you are training for something that specifically requires you to do it in a specific order, it doesn’t matter in my opinion.  Pick two different pieces to use and split your time between the two. (I become so bored when I’m forced to do my workout indoors and I am lucky if I last 20 minutes on one piece of cardio equipment so I always have to pick at least two.)

After you have finished your cardio, pick a spot in the gym that you can claim as yours and grab all the equipment you will need for your workout and put it in one spot.  Usually you will need a bench, a stability ball, a medicine ball, a mat, a few dumbbells and a bosu.  Pick 4 exercises for your upper body and have everything you need ready to go and complete each exercise without resting between them.  Next spend a few minutes doing your favourite core exercises (or something that will get your heart rate up – jumping jacks, running on the spot, mountain climbers, skipping) and then pick 4 exercises for your lower body. Get everything you need ready and go through each exercise without resting, get back onto your matt, or use your ball or bosu and do a few more core exercises, or do another quick little cardio burst.  Then go back again to your upper body, core, lower body and then core.  You can stick with the same exercises or switch them up.  

Designing your workouts like in a circuit format will maximize the time that you are spending in the gym and ensure that you are getting the best workout you can as you are not standing around waiting for a piece of equipment that is being used by someone else or standing there trying to figure out what you should be doing next.  Try writing down what you are going to do before you get to the gym so everything is planned and all you have to do is follow the list you have written down. (Lainey: this is what I do when I travel. I bring the piece of paper with me and obsessively follow it the entire times. Because lists are fun! Also, when I was working out beside Colin Farrell last year, my list fell off my treadmill and he picked it up for me, after taking a quick glance. This was very satisfying.)  

I like to suggest to people that they try 1 or 2 new exercises each week so you continue to learn and add variety to your workouts.  So, next time you are at the gym and you have printed off Lainey’s workout for the week, try setting everything up in advance.  As you become more comfortable with the exercises you will find you will get through the workouts even faster and you can leave the gym earlier or add more to the routines. Most importantly, have fun with it!

Attached - Ricky Gervais, pre-Globes, powerwalking in Beverly Hills.