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Lately I’ve received some emails from readers asking for sweaty hair tips.

Got your workout on? Good girl, now what to do about your once lovely but now sweat styled hair? I have managed to keep my mane from going completely out of control and I wanted to share with you some amazing products that have literally saved my hair.

If you are like me you probably HATE having to work out and get sweaty when you are having a great hair day, right? I’ve actually not worked out because I haven’t wanted to wreck my hair or I have avoided going out after a workout because I cannot be bothered to wash and style my hair as we all know that you should not wash your hair every day. Natural oils are released from the hair follicles which are responsible for keeping your scalp and hair moisturized and somewhat waterproof and essentially, every time you wash your hair you are stripping it of these oils and then trying to replenish them with moisturizers and conditioners. If you are using the wrong products you will experience very damaging effects on your locks.

(Lainey: I’m about to gross you out but I wash my hair maybe 3 times a week, tops.)

Take a look at your hair right now, it’s thirsty, it’s telling you it’s thirsty, just look at the ends… a little fried perhaps? Well, for us sporty types who don’t have the luxury to wait a day or two, or three, in-between washes we need to address the science of the products you are using. Lucky for us though, technology is on our side! Be prepared to shell out more than you may like as we are talking about higher price point products here, up to $45 a piece, BUT when you only use a quarter-sized dollop at a time the quality far exceeds quantity.

The first family of products to come on the market that helped keep my split ends at bay was the Quenching series by Bumble and Bumble (BB). One shampoo, one conditioner, one serum and one mask (that you can do weekly in the shower) are all geared to replenish, strengthen, shine, protect, hydrate and moisturize.

Being the product junkie that I am (you should see my shower, it has a plethora of hair care products) I do have a hard time sticking to just one brand. The latest product to find its way into my collection is Oribe’s Shampoo and Conditioner for Moisture Control. After using it I can’t keep from doing the hair flip all day long and not only does it smell amazing but the line is so new on the market they have the latest and greatest technology infused into it.

I do try to plan washing my hair around my workouts for the week– seriously I do as you know that some will be sweatier than others. I aim for a full wash every three days (but I’m lucky because I can wear my hair up with a headband everyday to work so I can get away with a little sweat and grease in my hair). If I do need to wash it more I aim to just gently wash the roots. You will notice that the less you wash your hair the less you will need to wash your hair.  Do note that it can also take a few weeks for your hair and scalp to adjust if you are used to washing it every day. Be patient as your scalp will rebalance.

Here are some tips to help your hair if you must wash it every day:
1 - Always start with your quenching/replenishing serum

2- Add your protective foundation. Think Tonic lotion from Bumble and Bumble. This is great for you scalp, detangles, lubricates, moisturizes and it helps especially if you are brushing your hair when wet (which is really hard on it; notice if it’s stretching, stop that and try to be a little nicer!)

3 - When doing a blow out or using heat styling tools make sure your hair is protected: get some silicones, grooming or moisturizing creams especially for the ends where they take the brunt of it.

4 – For a great look that only requires towel dried hair try going beachy. Put BB texture in and throw it up in a bun. An hour or so later when dry(ish), take it down and either add a touch of BB surf spray or Oribe’s Après Beach Texturizing spray and tussle! This is my easy sexy go to hairdo. The next day if you need to amp it up, throw in a little more spray with a few curls and smoosh it around.

5 - Finally, something to soak up oil and add volume: Oribe’s Dry Texturizing spray  is hair crack and also acts as a dry shampoo. Bigger is better. Spray it into the roots, work it in with your fingers and it leaves you with just styled hair for days. You really skip at least a wash or two with this one.

Now go take that great hair day you are having, mess it up at the gym and have trying out these new products.

Thanks to the girls at Kiss and Makeup for all the years of hair advice!

Attached - Rose McGowan hits the gym.


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