I don’t know if Ellen Page is actually sweating but she’s wearing a lot of layers and it looks like there might be a workout involved. Me, I can’t stand being hot when I’m exercising. It’s why I can’t do hot yoga. Also I’m afraid of people smelling.

Katie Holmes was at MSG last night where the Rangers hosted the Islanders. Overseas, where football/soccer is concerned, they call that a “derby”. Katie had really good hair and even looked quite animated. This is because you can’t hear her talking.

Staying with the Dawson’s alumni…

I love the full body print on Busy Philips. I wish she’d worn a different shoe though. Busy and her best friend, Michelle Williams, were in the Maldives for the holidays. They are Capeside’s most enduring friendship.



Bffs. I LOVE VACATION. #maldives #2017 #tequlia

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And then there’s JLO who’s working hard for The Boy Next Door. And her wardrobe for this press tour so far seems to be either cropped or cut-out. So, in other words…skin. No problem. But who could throw down a better pose standing next to a director’s chair?