Smutty Roundup: Vintage Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn, Reese & Naomi

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I can’t wait for new Brad Pitt photos to talk about this. Annie sent this over to me the other day. It’s an old interview with Brad Pitt. Like, OLD. And he’s fresh in Hollywood. Working on Dallas. And faking a relationship with a co-star…which they readily admit to for a news crew! Almost 30 years ago, Brad Pitt spoke with a very boyish, gentle, innocent voice. He looks up to the ceiling and says, “Jeez”… and sighs.

This is 4 minutes of SOLID GOLD. And we haven’t even talked about the hair yet.

Enjoy here.

There was a hand and footprint ceremony for Vince Vaughn yesterday. Really? Is Vince Vaughn that big of a deal? Jon Favreau, his boy from Swingers, was there along with James Marsden who co-stars with him in the upcoming Unfinished Business. So is he there because they’re tight or is he there because he has to be there. The way they set these things up is always so weird to me. Like do these two work out together? Actually, I don’t think Vince Vaughn works out.

Naomi Watts and Reese Witherspoon do though. Here they are leaving the gym together. I keep trying to make the connection between them. And then I remembered that Reese crusaded for Naomi for her work in The Impossible and she ended up with an Oscar nomination for it, eventually losing to Jennifer Lawrence? How do you pay someone back for that? Like did Naomi vote for Reese this year and not Julianne?

Wenn, FameFlynet

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