June 28, 2011 – Smutty Shout-Out

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 28, 2011 06:10:41 June 28, 2011 06:10:41

Happy 31st Birthday Josh with love from Darlene who says you’re fascinated with Coco and at first I thought she meant Coco Rocha which, obviously, but then she mentioned a fake ass and I realised she meant THAT Coco. So here she is. Backside up, all for you. As for whether or not that sh-t is fake – no idea. But she claims to be 32. I mean, please.

Congratulations Jasmine Leigh in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan from your mom Leanna who is so proud of you on the occasion of your Grade 12 graduation! She says you’ve been an honour student throughout high school. Well done! I think you should ask mom for a trip to Toronto to SMUT next year. Don’t you think you deserve it? (Sorry Leanne...don’t hate me.)

To El in Cyprus who has a new job – yay! How was it yesterday? Taylor Kitsch is happy for you too.

And this is for Sherri Carmical who has started a foundation in honour of Declan’s Journey to raise money for pediatric cancer research – please click here to learn more about Journey 4 A Cure. Sheri lost her baby boy Declan last year. She is determined that more can be done to prevent other families from experiencing what hers did. J4AC is underfunded. But it is now a top 10 finalist in a Facebook-based fundraising campaign for a $1.25 million donation to the charity that earns the most votes. The charity that Colin Farrell endorses is currently ahead because he’s so famous. Would you help Sherri and J4AC? Please click here and vote. For her, or for anyone. These are worthy, worthy causes and it takes no time at all. Thank you!

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