February 2, 2011 – Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 2, 2011 07:02:03 February 2, 2011 07:02:03

To Mona and Lena with love from Jada who is so happy you’re safely out of Egypt and who can’t wait to see you when you’re back in London. Jada, with smugness, also wants to remind you that she warned you about taking the trip at that particular time. To make up for being a smug bitch though, she’s offering as many drinks as you want when you get back. And she requested some Colin Firth and James McAvoy for your return.

Claire! I’m sorry to hear about the infection – how are you now? Theo is sending a lot of love and missing you and I’m sending a hug with get well wishes and we’re sorry you missed the liveblog yesterday but when you’re better, we’ll crank up another one with a special shout-out in honour of your healthy return!

Happy Birthday Fiona! By request – Nathan Followill is attached.

Congratulations to Lisa in Minnesota on your new job! Amy is thrilled for you, especially since living with the parents will finally not be a thing anymore, right? Sounds like the New Year is getting off to a proper start.

Kristy! How’s the dog? And who the f-ck is this neighbour?!?! I’m not kidding – send the address, send all details. I will put the motherf-cking shames on that piece of sh-t if you tell me that your suspicions turn out to be true. Unfortunately I have no gossip on Matthew Gray Gubler. Photos ok? Here he is at a pre-SAG party last weekend and at a pre-Golden Globes party two weeks before that.

And this is for Dear Day – you’ve been reading me a long, long, LONG time. It’s like we’ve been together forever. I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I know the weather in NYC sucks now, I know you’re desperately homesick for Colorado, and I know it feels like you’re alone and starting over. But Kim is thinking of you, and totally supportive of you, and loves you so much, and it’s a New Year too, it’s the perfect time for a fresh go, and it’s award season, and remember the day you saw Karl Lagerfeld BOARDING A PARTY BUS??? This is what happens when you live in New York. But, um, bitch… you live in NEW YORK. I’m throwing in some Liev, and I’m sending you a very, very warm bump with my fist, hoping for you that the sadness is over and only a stretch of good days ahead.

Photos from Wenn.com and Frazer Harrison/Kevork Djansezian/Gettyimages.com

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