September 7, 2010 – Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 7, 2010 05:56:09 September 7, 2010 05:56:09

Happy Birthday Zahna who is currently on vacation in Barcelona which should be enough you greedy bitch but Jamie said you’d also love some David Beckham and, really, who can deny you that? Enjoy!

To Josee C from Rachelle P – Happy Birthday! And there will be a lot of Ryan Gosling coming up soon today, with a special bow around him just for you.

To Kelly S from Pam – Happy Birthday! Two British men were requested in celebration. And both will be at TIFF too! Will try to properly observe them, tell you everything.

For John from Kelli who is stuck in Kansas and can’t wait to join you in a month – and loves you SO much she asked for some redhead love in the form of Julianne Moore. Done. And for you Kelli, here’s RDJ. Good luck with the Swiss life. Am jealous.

And F Cancer!

It’s a new movement educating people on early-stage detection. Please spread the message and click here. And join everyone else in telling cancer to f-ck off by clicking here. There’s no sense being polite to that bitch, is there?

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