December 15, 2010 – Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 15, 2010 06:48:59 December 15, 2010 06:48:59

Baby Jane! Heard you broke something and it’s an all around giant suck right now. M wants you to know you are a Superstar. That she is “over the moon” proud of you...for EVERYTHING that has gone down in 2010. This little mishap only means it’s the end of a transformative year... with so much potential ahead.

To Justine from Veronique as you’re coming up on your “best friend anniversary” memorialised by Mary’s Boy Child. This is totally corny, yes, but also really, really sweet. As for your request – there’s an actor, a popular and celebrated one, who has been so universally abusive to handlers lately, from city to city, to those he knows and perfect strangers, that everyone is scrambling for reassignment now that his reputation has travelled with him. Some have even offered to work with lowly C and D listers instead because his cruelty has been horrible, even by Hollywood standards, to the point where there are those who think he’s suffering from mental disease. No, no, let’s not give him an out. He’s a dick. Plain. It’s not Sean Penn.

Happy Birthday Claudia from Maria who requested for you some Vampire Porn in the form of Robert Pattinson and Alexander Skarsgard and “anyone in the vamp world”. Enjoy!

Jeannine – I am so sorry to hear about Karin. I wonder if she would have been cheered by the video below of Michael Buble at a show recently. It’s not conventional charity, no, but imagine how this boy must have felt to have had the opportunity. Few other artists would have been so gracious, not to mention unthreatened. My best to you for your loss.


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