Did you watch the mess that was the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night? It should be renamed Toddlers & Tiaras: The College Years. Selena posted a photo saying that they were eating McDonald’s backstage. Okkkkkkkk.

Jaden Smith has talked about time travel/space-time continuum a lot in interviews--- which explains his love for Age of Adaline. Oh and he’s a Twihard.

Bryan Cranston celebrates his SAG nomination with a visual bad pun.

The before and after isn’t that different.

Jen is Justin’s woman crush Wednesday – for those counting, it took a week for her to appear.


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Last week, Lainey mentioned Romance & Cigarettes and yesterday Bobby Cannavale tweeted that out of all the films he’s worked on, it’s one of his favourites. Is Romance & Cigarettes having a moment?

I think, Chrissy! Sometimes I even string a sentence together. But yes, I understand her point. I follow a ton of celebrities on social media and the problem is that so many of them are not that exciting – they promote, retweet compliments, post affirmation memes and show off free products. The few that actually reveal some real opinions and personality stick out, for better or worse. They deal with an avalanche of trolls, but amassing a following can also be a huge boost for their brand. Don’t hate the player….