“Hey darlin’, how you doing?” cracks me up. I will take this over a lip sync battle any day.



Connie Britton with her TV daughters (who are both insanely talented musicians). I haven’t watched an episode of Nashville all season, and I kind of feel guilty about abandoning Connie, but I tapped out when they went for the “sensitive musician has a love child he knew nothing about” storyline. Again.



Courtney Love and Russell Crowe with Eli Roth. But… Courtney Love and Russell Crowe. Not impossible, right? I can never remember if he’s still married or not.



@realeliroth @russellcrowe give me s'more steak n kidney pie! Here's to real people in Hollywood - not phonies . #waterdiviner

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#FBF to Andy Warhol and Keith Haring defending Madonna… but why did she tag Miley Cyrus in the photo?



“Say hi to Saturn for me.”



#TBT By special request, Star Trek: Voyager. This is where I said, dead serious, "Say hi to Saturn for me"

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Justin Bieber fishing with his little bro.



#fishin @jaxonbieber

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s mixed printed game is stellar.



Aaron Paul, Stardust and friends signing Lean on Me like a 6th grade choir.