Billy Joel and Jack Antonoff are kind of adorable together. This picture has a musical theatre vibe, like they are about to break into a song about New York while doing some jaunty fighting/dance choreography.


Goop's garden party with Net-a-Porter. This is ridiculously WASP, even for Gwyneth. If a non-white person shows up do they get escorted to the kitchen? I’m surprised they even let brunettes in. What’s the cut off shade, chestnut brown? Any darker you aren’t on the list.


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John Mayer had stationery made for when he could he couldn't speak. Polite and precious, this one.


Stella McCartney, Jen Meyer and Kate Hudson hang out in London. Do children of famous/well-connected parents get to bitch about their moms and dads to their friends like normal people do? Like does Stella tell them that Paul always messes up his remote control’s HDMI settings and does Kate complain about teaching Goldie how to use an iPhone?


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Can't wait to read James Franco's 8000 word dissertation on FNL.


Hmmmm who could have sent Karlie Kloss flowers with an Eleanor Roosevelt quote. One guess.



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No Emmy for Empire's original music. How is that even possible? At least Taraji got hers.