Beyonce wishes Michelle Williams a happy birthday – do you think Beyonce is a good gift giver? Or does she give you coupons for 22 Days Nutrition?


Happy birthday my belle!! @realmichellew

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I rarely envy celebrity vacations but I bet Brit does Hawaii right. Lots of pool time, excessively fruity drinks and breakfast buffets.


Aloha! πŸŒ΄πŸŒΊβ˜€οΈ

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Tom Cruise is wearing his big boy tuxedo.


The Hugh Jackman School of acting.


Look, here's the thing I wanna say ...... #crybaby

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This Bradley Cooper ad is so bad. Like All About Steve bad.


#utterlyirresistible #bradleycooper #africa 🍧

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I didn’t even need to read the caption to know this is Roberto Cavalli. Can’t Leo get his girlfriend some nicer options? This isn’t even a matter of opinion, it’s an ugly dress.


πŸ‡ @roberto_cavalli

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I think celebrities are running out of perfume ideas. This looks extremely budget.


If you need to know where to get the best cold-brewed coffee in the Hamptons, Jessica Seinfeld is your girl.


I work from home, but I love hearing about passive aggressive office memos and CC all emails about stolen lunches and cleaning the microwave. This is in that vein, but an apartment building. I just can’t imagine why anyone would throw dumplings out a window.



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Joanna reviewed Paper Towns today and this guy does look like a potato head!


Introducing mr potato head @natandalex @papertownsmovie 😘😘😘

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