Rachel Bilson is now on Instagram and showing off Briar’s Star Wars kicks. Does Hayden get these for free, or does the franchise machine just want to forget about that whole trilogy?


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Minka Kelly graduated from culinary school, which should be the photo I’m showing. Instead, here she with Jason Street.


A little #FridayNightLights #TBT #texasforever #jasonstreetgivingmajorface ๐Ÿˆ

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I CAN’T Ariana Grande must know Michael K at Dlisted’s nickname for her. (It’s Ariana Grande Latte.)


*sips moonlight soy latte* / *tries desperately to ignore her smudged pinky nail polish* (yes, it's a grande)

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The Carters have been tight with Jake Gyllenhaal for a while - he appeared in their “On the Run” short film (music video). Now Tidal has an exclusive clip of Southpaw. Apple streaming is coming.


Hilary Duff has a new album out, which is great for her. But you know what else is great? Younger. It’s been sitting on my PVR and I finally got to it and it’s smart and charming. Maybe 2015 is the year of Hilary (Duff).


Hope you guys are ready! Only 5 MORE DAYS until the release of my new album Breathe In. Breathe Out.

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I hope it's called "Ashtray"

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Nick Kroll enjoys a dipped cone. I hate dipped cones -- just give me a soft serve without a crunchy thin shell. Someone told me McDonald’s got rid of its twist cones, is this true? You can only get vanilla now.


Livin' that soft-service-w/ chocolate-dip life! celebrating wrap on #myblindbrother in northeast Ohio!

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Solange is an appreciator of attitude, and this kid has a future on reality TV. She’s not here to make friends.


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