There was a Jeremy Renner death hoax last night? I think the Internet was a little distracted.

I love this dinosaur sweater on Selma Blair. It’s Coach, if you’re interested.

Co-sign this, he looked great at the Globes.

I find it hard to get excited to see anyone on SNL these days, but does this mean season 2 of Master of None is almost ready?


Excited to host SNL on 1/21. See ya then.

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I have to assume Rob Lowe is on vacation because of his shirt. If he isn’t on vacation, he must be retired.


With MY Golden Globe! #love

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Andy Cohen getting that sweet game show host paycheque. And I’m curious as to how they will update Love Connection to the showmanship of romance and dating on TV. Will you swipe left when you want to dismiss someone?

Lainey opened this morning with the Solange interview. You know what stuck out for me? Real Housewives of Atlanta. If you watch the show, you know how amazing it is and not for the conflict, but the talking head interviews. It is such an underrated cultural influence. And Kandi co-wrote No Scrubs.

Marlee Matlin’s 30 year chip.