As Lainey mentioned in the open today, Coachella, or as the cool kids call it, “Chella,” is on hiatus until next week. Last week I said Kate Bosworth was the patron saint of the desert, so what does that make Aaron Paul and his wife, Lauren? The first couple of Coachella? I mean he’s just so enthusiastic about it. Enthusiastic enough to sell ads on his Instagram account.



This sweet chariot is the best coachella date anyone could have. @Mcdonalds give me all of your fries. #lovedrivevibe #ad

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Blake flying private with her mom today. Ryan is in Vancouver filming Deadpool and was in a minor accident on Friday, so maybe she’s coming to check on him?



Holy cow!!! 🙏🐮🙏✈️😱 Ridin' in style with my mama this morning. Rockin' Bellen Brand from @preserve_us

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There were so many “Kevin Hart is short” jokes last night at the MTV Movie Awards. I kind of wonder about this – what is so bad about a man being short? Does it make him less masculine? I thought Jimmy Kimmel’s presentation was particularly one note. We get it, he’s short. Now what?



Thank you....#MTV #MovieAwards #ComedicGeniusAward

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Rosario Dawson and Wilmer Valderrama are friends. Does not compute.



Reese, Sophia and Meatball Joe at the MTV Movie Awards.



Lena Dunham is officially on the Tracy Anderson train. 



Cutest father/daughter photo ever: Mark Ruffalo and Bella Noche wore matching tuxes to the MTV Movie Awards.



On the way to the MTVMovie Awards with Bella Noche. I hope she forgives me for biting her style.

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Two hot Cookies.



When #Cookie met #Cookie 😱😭😂💋💋💋

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