Easter is still happening (on Instagram, at least), and Amy Sedaris decorated eggs with Sarah Jessica Parker and James Wilkie. (I cross-referenced these egg photos like a nerd.)




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Easter twee-ness was on steroids this year. Miranda Kerr tried for the expensive-but-crafty look and Katherine Heigl went for “politician’s wife at the country retreat”.



πŸ’–Happy Easter πŸ’–

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Yes...I matched my outfit to my dog...#coordinatedEaster πŸ˜‰

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Miley Cyrus’s adult Easter bunny basket, for her pleasure.




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For so long the Furious franchise has been kind of a joke, right? But with its monster weekend and ethnically diverse cast (and audience), not to mention dealing with a devastating loss and subsequent post-production hurdles, Furious 7 is kind of a heartwarming story (even though it infuriated Sarah).



PW. #Furious7

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Ansel Elegort might be the Easter Bunny.



Happy Easter

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Taylor Swift hunts for eggs like she lip-syncs other artists’ songs at an awards show: intensely.



Victoria and David made bunny pancakes for the kids. Whenever I make pancakes I dip into the raw batter, but I’m 100% sure Victoria does no such thing.



@BrooklynBeckham enjoyed his Easter breakfast! x vb

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Carly Rae Jepsen was on Saturday Night Live – how did Scooter do that? That’s some managerial sorcery right there.



Look who I found backstage at #SNL40 @TomHanks πŸ™‹#ireallylikeyou

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Photo caption: “Let’s stare at one another really intently and pretend it’s completely natural to talk to someone this closely even though I’ll probably have to go to the chiropractor tomorrow to fix my neck kink.”




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