Who needs a squad when you have a Lambily?


The Girl meets Darryl Dixon. (And if you want the most fun photos from Comic-Con, follow Norman Reedus @bigbaldhead – he is taking selfies with absolutely everyone.)



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The grass is literally greener for Tom and Gisele.



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I love this outfit on Gabrielle Union.


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Busy Philipps made a very impressive cake for her daughter’s birthday.


Here's me with the cake so you can understand the size! Cake details: because I was working this week, I totally just used boxed yellow mix and premade chocolate frosting. I know that's cheating but I honestly just didn't have the time! Also, Birdie, Marc and my mom had to actually bake the cakes while I was shooting. It took 4 whole cake mixes but I did have a bunch of scraps left over. I followed Ann Reardon's tutorial on You Tube and bought her templates on Howtocookthat.net which worked really well, although I did have to improvise a bit, it's not exactly as she did it. Birdie and I both found her voice to be super soothing though, FYI. The bubble guppies and George are all plastic figurines because while I originally was planning to sculpt them, I had to compromise for time/sanity! Plus, Cricket will be happy to play with them after the cake is eaten!! I used a combo of Wilton and Duff fondant.(Cc: @howtocookthat)

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The Magic Mike boys are still hustling.


Dave Chappelle and Naomi Campbell hang out in London. I don’t imagine Naomi being the type to laugh out loud at a comedy show.


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Kevin Hart’s version of conscious uncoupling.


This is the stuff you have to do when you want to go into lifestyle –post a photo that isn’t that different from a photo someone like Amber Rose or Lauren Conrad would post. It’s all about the sell.