Demi Lovato tries to read a map of Vancouver. I live in Vancouver and she would probably do a better job than me (even if it’s upside down).


Ummmmm babe?..... The map is upside down.... 😒

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Margot Robbie and Scott Eastwood golf and drink tequila together.


Chrissy Teigen is topknotting – that bun deserves to be used as a verb.


Aaaaaaah vacation ("your entire life is a vacation hurrdurrr rarr rarr pfft pschhhhh")

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Have you noticed there are so many “days” now, like Siblings Day and Friends Day? Sunday was apparently Ice Cream Day. Does ice cream need a day of recognition?


Sam Smith has the sunburn I used to get every summer when I was a tween.


Jude Law was almost Superman?


My mentor @the_robertevans and #JudeLaw who I almost convinced to be #Superman

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Eminem is looking very angular, again.