This must be the most famous voicemail of all time, right? It’s so quotable. “Rude, thoughtless little pig” is instantly recognizable, it’s the “Show me the money” of voicemails. But it is nice to see Ireland finding the humour in it – it’s never the things that we think will f-ck kids up that actually f-ck them up, you know? And maybe, as an adult, she sees that whoever released it was playing a demented game of emotional chicken.


If I Were A Pig... I would be Rude and Thoughtless of course! 🐽

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This is the lamest thing ever: Goop is selling “Biggie/Pac” clutches. The descriptor should read, “curated racial appropriation.” (For $1,695.)


There is a great article floating around about the mistakes editors and writers have made and my favourite story is from the president of Playboy Enterprises, who worked on the Lindsay Lohan shoot. “I still have the ulcer.”



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Mark Ruffalo’s aerial selfie.


This thing called a selfie stick. @king_k33n

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Gigi Hadid is in the new Calvin Harris music video and she’s dating Taylor’s ex, Joe Jonas. Taylor doesn’t care about boys, only friends, so obviously this will never, ever be a problem.


How Deep Is Your Love video is coming sooooooon @gigihadid cc @disciples_ldn ❀️❀️❀️

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What’s the point of having a “L.O.V.E.” coat hanger if you are mean to your employees? It’s so Delores Umbridge.


#love πŸ’› @honest #officelife #monday

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Joaquin and Liv in 1997. They were the true heirs to Johnny and Winona, even if we didn’t know it at the time.


Sarah Silverman is tweeting for Tig Notaro today (and maybe forever?)