I think that’s Michelle Williams? That’s Michelle Williams. She and Busy are best friends.


Pink. Drink.

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Taylor Swift threw a baby shower for Jaime King, and everyone was there: Jessica Alba, Gigi Hadid, Hailee Steinfeld, Haim, Sarah Hyland, Nina Dobrev, Diane Kruger… am I missing anyone? Of course I am, because everyone was there. It’s like taking roll call at this point. Do you think her parties are as fun as they look, or is everyone trying so hard to look like they are having fun that it’s no fun at all?



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Oh and Taylor’s cat Olivia met Mariska Hargitay. Even her cat is a friend collector.


Olivia Benson meeting Olivia Benson. @therealmariskahargitay

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Amy Schumer’s birthday cake is totally on brand.


Gisele and Tom are ready for his fourth ring.


My date! #SuperBowlRingCeremony ❤️ Meu encontro da noite!

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I don’t know if Justin and Hailey Baldwin are happening, but they really, really want you to think they are happening.


The one and only @haileybaldwin

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James Franco as Blair Waldorf.


Allison Janney and Ellen Page, together again. They had great chemistry in Juno.


❤️ @allisonbjanney @tallulahmovie

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Cindy Crawford traveling in her pajamas. I’m weird and can’t sleep in black (or any dark colored) pajamas. It’s contagious too; usually, once I point this out to someone, it catches on and then they can’t either.


Getting cozy for a long flight to Hong Kong! See you soon @omega !

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It took me a minute to get it, but this photo killed me. I’ve been laughing about it for two days.


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