Justin Timberlake and his smug mug at Taco Bell.



#TBT to that time the whole squad took over Taco Bell after the People's Choice Awards... #YoQuiero

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Hilary Duff posting a shot of her “smile” when she really just wanted to post a shot of her boobs.



SMILE! It's almost Friday 💥

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Was it Robin Williams who said cocaine is God’s way of telling you you make too much money? I would say the same thing about this jacket as well. Sure it’s fun and cute, but it probably cost a mortgage payment.



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Speaking of God, the 50 Shades of Johnsons and a bible verse. 



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And speaking of religion, Sarah Silverman was misquoted.



Gee it's nice to be quoted but I didn't say "Catholicism" I said "EVERY RELIGION" RT @AtheistRepublic

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Yesterday it was Gwen Stefani, today Tracee Ellis Ross is visiting Sesame Street. Whoever books the talent for that show does an excellent job.



Had a BLAST today on @sesamestreet!!! Thanks so much for including me!! #SesameTakesLA #Elmo #Raya

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Drake is all up in his feelings. I hope Jaden Smith makes a T-shirt out of this.



😂 I don't even remember doing any of this because that behind the back cross froze time @wardell30

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The Foster sisters (David Foster’s daughters) have a show, Barely Famous, on VH1 and it is being pimped so hard by their celebrity friends.



Just in time for Easter, Josh Duhamel and a bunch of bunnies.



Decided against meditating nude here because unlike these rabbits, I don't enjoy frozen nuts. #TBT

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