Reese and Ten on the beach. And yes that is Draper James, in case you were asking. (No one was asking.)


#TBT to long walks on the beach with this little comedian #Vacation #TakeMeBack (dress by @draperjamesgirl) ⛅️🌊

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For the 5 of us who care, Edward Norton in Prada. Because we rarely ever get Edward Norton.


I wonder if Calvin Harris scored this short film about Taylor Swift’s cats.


Coming Home to Mixed Reactions - a short film

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Brooklyn Decker is trying to put together nursery furniture – I think we’ve all cried putting together furniture.


Pregnancy has turned me into a crazy person. "The baby's supposed to go in there... How can there be a fall hazard?!"

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Is Ariana Grande trying to be Minnie Mouse? Is that the goal?


#september #ari

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Chelsea Handler’s 1% problem – running out of pages on her passport. Maybe she’s joining Jen and Justin on their honeymoon. I bet they’re going to Cabo.


An email from my asst this morning. This is how I know I am living my life.

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I can’t quite figure out who Ashley Benson is. She’s kind of like Rita Ora, I see her places, people tell me she’s famous, but I have no idea why.


23 days @justinbieber #whatdoyoumean

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