Sarah Jessica Parker being teased by the Editor-in-chief of Glamour magazine and an off-camera Kerry Washington for using a BlackBerry. I got rid of my BlackBerry just last week out of sheer laziness and the need to have more apps. But I will say it now and forever: using email on BlackBerry was the best.



Connie Britton and Yoby hung out with the President and First Lady at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. Yoby wore a suit, and I will always dislike Quinn from Scandal for talking sh*t about his name and potty training. (Click here for a refresher)



James Franco is studying at the Leonardo DiCaprio School of Mangy Beards.



In Dubious Battle - home stretch! Let's finish this baby!

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Katy Perry’s custom puppy pajamas – Lainey will love these.




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Fake sleeping selfie from Derek Hough. I guess he and Kate Hudson aren’t messing with each other anymore? That went fast. Kate Hudson is a total player, I feel like she could give JLo some good tips on how to disengage from Slum Bear. Why does it always have to be love?



Rose Byrne hanging out with Susan Sarandon’s dog, Penny.



Rose gives good hugs according to @mspennypuppy

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Is it me or does Guy Ritchie look like Russell Crowe here?



Not THE sword, but A sword. #KORT

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