Timbaland is a moron and Drake Bell is an irrelevant loser who trolls Twitter for hysterical Beliebers. Enough said.

Justin Bieber is wearing those weird sock shoes, and Hailey Baldwin is there to document it. She seems to be there a lot.


the shoes 😍

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Courtney Love, Kiefer Sutherland and Norman Reedus - that’s a party.


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Say prune.


Iggy Azalea’s ring isn’t my style, but it’s her nails that are really distracting me. I hate tips.



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Jennifer Lopez is going to be on a network cop show called Shades of Blue. It looks (spectacularly?) cliché and cheesy. But how will Slum Bear get himself a job on set? I don’t think a police show needs a choreographer, so I’m thinking “creative consultant.”


#ShadesOfBlueNBC #ComingSoon #Early2016 #StayTuned

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Kate and Goldie should do a Netflix series together.


Chrissy Teigen had a major wardrobe malfunction and wants everyone to get off her ass re: nipples.