Stella McCartney had a spring presentation in New York last night and it’s all over social media. This is my favourite photo of the bunch – she and Cara look like sisters.


Cara and Stella at our Spring 2016 Presentation in New York. @caradelevingne #StellaNYC #StellaSpring16 #StellasWorld #Spring16

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Not being able to tell Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard apart is a very common problem.


Everyone get it yet? : ) performance by #BryceDallasHoward not #JessicaChastain

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Ansel Elgort can jump super high. I’m not making it sound as impressive as it looks.


Air Ansel

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Naya Rivera has a book deal and she promises dirt. She (allegedly) keyed Mark Salling’s car and accused Big Sean of stealing her Rolex after they broke up. So the material is there.


I just watched the first episode of UnReal and I really liked it. It scratches the schadenfreude itch of reality TV, but you don’t feel like a braindead sheep for watching it. It’s clever and cynical and the female characters are complex nightmares.  Also, someone used the phrase, “satan’s asshole” in the pilot, which is fun.


#BANFF2015 with these ladies @sarahgertrudeshapiro @jillsoloway @czims #unrealtv #BeTransparent

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Hilaria Baldwin talks about her first red carpet with Alec Baldwin and something no one ever talks about – what it’s like to date a rich celebrity when you yourself are not a rich celebrity.


Since it was just the Tonys....#flashback to my first big red carpet with my new boyfriend...and before you get going, I like the scruff 💛. Little behind the scenes dressing fun fact: it made me uncomfortable to accept gifts from Alec because I wanted to make sure our relationship started off on the right foot and wasn't clouded by material things. I would put my little debit card down after every meal to show him I was willing to pull my own weight (much to my ego's dismay, he never let me). After a long discussion about how you have to dress up for these big events a certain way (this was all new to me), he bought me this beautiful dress, but I refused to let him buy me a bag. So, without him knowing it, I saved up for this clutch from BCBG. I told him it was something I already had in my closet so it became a non-issue. My friend did my hair and I did my makeup. I had no jewels to wear...but I don't think it was missing anything 😉. This night was the first night we said, "I love you" ❤️

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