Last night, I emailed Sarah about the upcoming Goop Chicago pop-up shop, saying “May the Goop be with you” because, although I’ve never seen Star Wars (Sarah is having an aneurism right now), I know that that is geek speak for inner strength, which Gwyneth would really encourage. And now I’m going to harangue Sarah until she visits the shop.



While Gwyneth pushes “contextual commerce,” Blake Lively’s Preserve is at the H&M Conscious Commerce pop-up in Times Square. You know what they both have in common, besides alliteration? Cash money. It only works if we buy what they are selling.



Kate Mulgrew, Red from Orange is the New Black has a new memoir out, Born With Teeth. The excerpts look really good.



Can't wait to start reading #katemulgrew

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Ansel Elgort takes DJ’ing very seriously.



@ansolo_music at Ultra

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Eminem very rarely posts photos of himself on Instagram, so enjoy. He looks good.



On set with @yelawolf. #LoveStory

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This T-shirt could only be worn ironically.



Emily Ratajkowski reminding us why she was cast in the Blurred Lines video.



Williamsburg 2014

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