Demi Lovato considers herself the luckiest woman in the world. So, um, good for her.



This photo is 3 days old, which is like a month in social media so I considered not posting it.  But who cares if it isn’t International Women’s Day, it’s still a great quote. In 20 years will social media be filled with missives from Courtney Love, instead of Coco Chanel and Carrie Bradshaw?

“Do not hurt yourself, destroy yourself, mangle yourself to get the football captain. Be the football captain. That’s it.”



Blake Lively has great shoes but I’d go with the flats. We’re still on Baby James Watch.



The crowd behind James Franco looks a little young; did he ask a 17-year-old to get a hotel room?



❀️to #CSUN! I had a great time talking with y'all! Work Hard!

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Britney and her mom on a hike – doesn’t Brit look so cute in orange and pink? Maybe it’s a product of being part of Generation Juicy but she looks good in workout clothes, I think better than when she’s in jeans and boots.



We (sort of) made it up alive... lol

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It’s nice to see Rachel Zoe eating. Her company lost two of its top stylists, and I’m wondering how stressed she is about that. Her influence is certainly waning, but with the fashion line, does she care? Of course she does.



Still thinking about these beauties on set with @rachelzoestudio last week #yummy #thehigherthebetter #regram

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I have no idea why Jessica Seinfeld mentioned Bill Cosby in this post about curried chicken salad, but is that a tricked-out marijuana leaf on her shirt? Jessica Seinfeld just got a lot more interesting to me.



Adam Levine in an elevator, where’s Solange when you need her?



Emo Hip Hop elevator vibes with a dash of soccor mom uggs vibes.

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Reese Witherspoon has a secret and bad shoes.



#SecretProject....coming soon....

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