At Drake’s Jungle Tour opening night in Houston, he changed a lyric in his song from “Madonna” to “Rihanna.” And neither of those women probably give a f-ck. So here’s Madonna.


Love is pain and pain is art show me your Graffiti Heart. ❤️#rebelheart

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Blake’s traveling pants sisters hanging out with Amy Schumer – so is Amy Lake Blively all forgiven? Or did Blake think it was as funny as the rest of us did?


Ugh those shoes!! Satin shoes that probably cost $1,000 and they look like they are from a discount bridesmaid boutique. I hate dyed satin shoes SO MUCH.


JLo was confetti bombed by some jackass at the airport but here she is in Morocco looking tired-pretty. Not many people can pull off tired-pretty. I love those sunglasses – I’m thinking Tom Ford?


And we're here!!! Hello Morocco!!

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Nicole Richie’s sax solo. There have been rumblings about her and Joel Madden but from very low-rent tabloids. I think – hope – everything is fine.


Sam Taylor-Johnson and her husband really like borrowing cars.


Thank you @jaguar it was real 🌟

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Um only Scott Eastwood would brag about this. I don’t think he posted this because he found it funny or clever, I think he posted it because it’s an automatic reaction to seeing his face.


The first photo taken of Christy Turlington and Edward Burns taken 15 years ago by late photographer Mary Ellen Mark.


Demi Lovato celebrates one year sober and the creation of her new record label.


A day I will never forget.. #safehouserecords 🙏🏼

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