I LOVE this suit on Lady Gaga. She looks so much cooler since she gave up the costumes.

Maude and mom at The Strokes.


The Strokes!

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First Channing did a Reddit AMA and now he’s doing Snapchat Truth or Dare. See George Clooney, this is why even A-listers need social media sometimes.

I’m not one for the “post baby body” obsession – I even hate the term post-baby body (almost as much as “bikini body”). But Hilaria Baldwin was very into documenting her pregnancy, and she took a hospital selfie that shows a real stomach. It’s more interesting to see this than have her first trip to the grocery store analyzed, right?

What’s interesting about the Viola and Taraji conversation is that it shows how easy it is for women to sabotage one another. And when they don’t how good the results can be.

Reese and Ava have dinner with Mr. Valentino. Did she wear Draper James, y’all?


What an honor to see Mr. Valentino at dinner last night in Rome @maisonvalentino #legend ❤️🇮🇹

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“So apparently I’m the only Bitch on the set thats getting cold” [sic]. Ya, The Rock doesn’t get cold.

See now when I see this I think it has something to do with Justin Bieber.



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I told Lainey I wanted to review Grey so now I have to read it this weekend. Laters baby. (I’m embarrassed to end my article like this and yet she’s managed to build a multi-millionaire dollar book around that dumb phrase. Who says “Laters”?!)



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